Best Shoes For Pregnancy

Pregnancy may bring a lot of excitement not only to you but to everyone close to you. Everyone would like to have their share of the joy and may offer unsolicited advice on how you should take of yourself and your baby. They may also recommend items that you should have, even things that you can wear to make your pregnancy a lot better.

During pregnancy, you experience a lot of changes. That includes the unexpected pain caused by the growing baby inside your belly. The skin and your body expand to accommodate the developing fetus. As a result, you may feel pain in certain parts of your body, like at the lower back, on your hips, in your joints, on your thighs, and even on your feet.

As you decide which pieces of garments in your wardrobe need to go or be kept for some time, you will also need to find a replacement for your footwear.

Edema and Pregnancy

Having swollen ankles are normal during pregnancy, but they can really be frustrating. The swelling (or “edema”) in the ankles and feet appear as a result of the extra fluid in the body as well as the pressure from the growing uterus. The swelling has a tendency to get worse as pregnancy progresses, especially near the end of the day and also during hotter weather.

You can do so much to alleviate the pain. You can avoid standing longer than necessary. Propping up your feet when sitting and stretching your legs often will also allow your feet to relax and make the blood to circulate better on your legs and thighs. Drinking plenty of water will also allow your body not only to release the toxins but also lessen the possibility of having more fluids retained on your legs.

Even after constantly doing all these, you would still need something to cover those feet. As you will feel heavier as your pregnancy progresses, you will need something comfortable to have on your feet while you are walking about or doing your daily routines. As such, it is essential that you find the best shoes for pregnancy.

Finding the best shoes for pregnancy

Changing your heels for low, well-built heels, or flats can actually help ease the aches that you nay experience with your pregnancy. Just like looking for the appropriate maternity clothes, it is essential that you invest in a few pairs of maternity friendly shoes.

They do not have to be too expensive. However, they need to be of good quality and provide the right fit for your soles, so you will feel comfortable wearing them wherever you are.

If you are prone to have swollen ankles and feet, it is best that you find a pair or two that are either a size or two larger than your regular shoes. This will give more room for your feet if ever they get swollen or are painful.

Don’t be in a rush to find the best fitting shoes for your soles. Try to get the pair in and off your feet and walk with them on your feet. This will allow you to really see if they really fit your feet.

You also do not need to settle for something that is less than what could make you feel happy. Opt for a pair that will enhance the look of your feet. It does not mean that since you are pregnant  you will have to let go of your fancy for all things beautiful. Just as you choose your clothes, you also need to find a pair of shoes that will make you look best in them. Don’t settle for something that may provide you with great support, but will make your feet look drab.

There are also maternity shoes that are made with straps for added support. If you think you will feel comfortable wearing them, by all means, get a pair for yourself. It is also best to buy shoes during the latter part of the day or in the evening when the feet have already expanded or have been carrying much of your weight throughout the day. It is best that you pick a slip on and avoid heeled shoes as they may just make the pain worse.

Shoes that you can find online and in the mall are usually available in various colors, materials, and texture. Opt for shoes that not only provide good support for your feet, will look good on you, but they must also be made to last your pregnancy. Play with the colors available. Opt for those that you can wear with several of your pregnancy outfits. That way, you won’t have to buy on several pairs since you can just have a pair or two to match with many of your maternity clothes.

Shoes For Every Pregnant Mother’s Need

If you need to stay long at work, it will be best to buy flats for your feet. Loafers, moccasins, and ballerinas will be your perfect aid during this time. If you need to wear some heels for an important event or meeting, make sure that it will be low enough to be comfortable for those swollen feet. It will also be smart to bring a pair of flats that you can wear once the event or you are done with work.

For a pregnancy that touches the summer season, you can find a good-fitting pair of sandals or canvass shoes that you can match with a summer maxi dress.

In case you become pregnant during the colder months, it is best that you find a good pair of shoes or boots that can keep your feet warm throughout the day. It would also help if you will put on a good pair of socks.

Your feet take on a lot of challenges like all the rest of your body during pregnancy. You need to make sure that they are taken care of properly. Finding the best shoes for your feet may also make the swelling and much of the pain a lot easier to bear. You need to make sure then that you find the best that will make your feet feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

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